Why strength training could super charge your workout results

A change has been happening in the fitness industry, strength is making a return for all the right reasons.

Strength training is ridiculously good for females

When it comes to strength training and weight lifting for women, it is still difficult to convince females that this type of training will help them look lean and fabulous without getting “bulky


Mint Clinical Nutritionist Jane explains Spring allergies - "Springtime is my favourite season of the year, but for many, it can be very unpleasant with their allergies going haywire" find out more...

It’s time to Spring clean your body!

Including your Nutrition and Digestive Organs! Spring Time is a good time to clean up the house and garden after a wet and cold winter.

POOP Health – whats normal & whats not?

Mints Clinical Nutritionist Jane explains why it's important to ask clients about their bowel habits! Find out what valuable information is revealed about their health.

How to grocery shop like a hunter-gatherer

If you want to live a long, healthy life, it helps to gather some education on what food products to avoid and what foods to pounce on.

Strength after 40 – Mikes recommendations to ensure longevity of training

Confession time from Mike!! for the last few years, I have been absolutely denying that as I age I can be as strong as I was in my 30s!

Preparing your immune system for winter

Preparing your immune system before the onslaught of the winter bugs arrive, will make all the difference in keeping those colds and flus to a minimum

Tired of being tired?

We all know what it is like to sleep poorly one night and struggle to function well the following day. If your sleep becomes disrupted on a regular basis, then normal daily function becomes a struggle.