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Its not Exercise its an Experience

Mint is a boutique fitness studio.

We understand that your goals are unique, and that your journey will be too. Some days you will run, and some you will stretch. Some days you might not come at all. We get it. It’s not all about getting fit enough to reach a distance, or lift the heaviest weight. It’s about being healthy enough to live the life that you enjoy.

There’s no magic pill or silver bullet (yet) when it comes to getting fit and healthy and staying that way.

This means adopting better nutrition and exercise habits, plus looking at lifestyle factors such as sleep quality and stress management.  These Long-lasting results come from making changes to the way you live and at Mint we can provide that guidance and support.

We have a host of incredible, friendly trainers, who are here to help get the best out of you. We create an approachable, fun, and down to earth atmosphere that is free from judgement.

Clinical Nutrition (Nourishmint)

Our Clinical Nutrition team are Science-based and holistically integrated.   The functional medicine based assessment is perfect hybrid between a medical practitioner (GP) and Nutritionist for those that understand that food is medicine.

Using the testing that is available they have the have successfully helped people stop the chronic and long-term effects of:

  • Poor immunity and compromised gut health
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Nutrient-poor and restrictive diets
  • Inflammation, allergies and intolerance’s
  • Stressed both physically and mentally.
  • Low energy levels

Our online or in person services are available to everyone so book now.

Lifestyle Nutrition (Nourishmint)

The Lifestyle nutrition team will help you learn the role nutrition has in optimising your bodys performance through food choices.    Lifestyle nutrition is for the active and not so active individuals that don’t have any major health issues and are looking to change everyday food to effect a change in body composition (weight loss/weight gain) and energy.


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