Mint's Nutrition Medicine Clinic

The Mint nutrition clinic is a Functional Medicine Practice.   Our clinic is operated by a team of qualified and experienced professional Clinical Nutritionists who integratively work with other referring General Practitioners & Healthcare Specialists to achieve the best health & performance outcomes for it’s clients.

“Functional Medicine is a disruptive technology that will bring down the tyranny of the diagnosis.”

Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., The Founding Father of Functional Medicine

Our Nutrition Team

Di McCauley
Lead Nutritionist

My passion with food and its performance attributes, as well as it ability to heal the body has been the cornerstone of my nutrition practice.

I have continued to maintain general clinic practice as my schedule allows with the majority of my time currently devoted to performance athletes, research & development relating to body composition assessment.   As a Qualified Clinical Nutritionist & Medical Herbalist I have maintained clinical practice since 1989 and started working with athletes in 2003.

My specialist area’s of knowledge & interest include; sports nutrition & the modalities of nutri genomics / epigenetics & the influence of both on improving human health.

The ketogenic programme has been a firm favorite and has shown good results among my athletes and clients.

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