Mint's Nutrition Medicine Clinic

The Mint nutrition clinic is a Functional Medicine Practice.   Our clinic is operated by a team of qualified and experienced professional Clinical Nutritionists who integratively work with other referring General Practitioners & Healthcare Specialists to achieve the best health & performance outcomes for it’s clients.

“Functional Medicine is a disruptive technology that will bring down the tyranny of the diagnosis.”

Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., The Founding Father of Functional Medicine

Our Nutrition Team

Jane Syme

My role as Clinical Nutritionist allows me to work with many clients with varying health goals.  Getting to the root cause of symptoms can be life changing for many people who have struggled with chronic health issues.  Using all the knowledge I have learnt through training, as well as keeping up to date with the latest research and continuing my professional development, allows me to help my clients get their health goals on track.

I am passionate about improving a client’s health and wellbeing by working together to provide a treatment plan that will achieve results. This will mean looking at all aspects of the client’s life including diet, exercise, stress management and recreation to take a holistic approach to reaching their goals.

Life is all about balance and getting this balance right will enable you to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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