How ‘old’ is your immune system?

‘Immune Age’!   It’s more important than ever to keep our immune systems fit and healthy so I briefly discuss; what is immune age? and how does is benefit us?

Autoimmune thyroid disease is becoming more & more prevalent - why?

What Is Ketosis & Why Is It Good?

Most of our lives we’ve been told the primary source of energy for our bodies is sugar. However, there is a more efficient source of fuel that is rarely utilized - ketones!

Is Your Drinking OK?

A simple enough question but the answer is often very blurred in response as more & more people seem to have lost grip on what constitutes a moderate level of alcohol consumption.

Helping your children cope with stress How to support your kids (and yourself) during exam time

Allergies – Looking beyond the skin and nose.

Well winter is finally behind us and spring is here however, with spring comes for many the unfortunate season of sneezing, sniffing and scratching – allergies!

Stress think you can handle it or is it weighing you down?

Stress is such an interesting topic to talk about these days. In clinic we see a lot of it, and its no wonder. Modern living and stress seem to go hand in hand and its no surprise that so many people are impacted by just day to day living!

Hormone dysfunction – when your body is out of balance & out of control!

Lost Your Mojo? A visit to a Clinical Nutritionist might help you find your spark!

Your Mood & Sunshine Hours – Whats The Connection?