If you feel like you’ve lost your mojo then your not alone.  Most people experience low energy or fatigue at some point in their lives. When you think about the demands of work life, home life and family life, it’s no wonder there is little energy left for you to do the things you really enjoy!

Anyone can feel tired, but ongoing fatigue which impacts upon your ability to carry out day to day work and activities can sneak up on you and become your new normal. Even though it’s not normal to feel tired – all the time.

Why am I so tired?

When you are tired it is important to consider whether you are getting the right nutrients that are required for optimal energy. If you have poor digestion, feel stressed, or make poor food choices or don’t drink enough water then you simply may not be getting the key nutrients to even make energy!

The energy powerhouses within the cells of the body are known as the mitochondria. These mitochondria produce all the energy you need but it can only make energy if you have a steady stream of the right nutrients. If you don’t feed your mitochondria with these key nutrients, then you will not be able to perform at your best!

When blood tests don’t show an imbalance.

Ongoing fatigue can be frustrating especially when you have approached your GP for blood tests which may not show any obvious signs of imbalance.

Often though GP’s are limited in what they might test for (due to funding) and this is where approaching a Clinical Nutritionist should be considered.

 Clinical Nutritionists have been trained to work in a clinic with patients and so are experienced in giving nutritional advise as part of a treatment process. A large part of training involves studying nutritional biochemistry (how nutrients work within the body) as well as pathophysiology (the study of disorders/disease). An integral part of training is also understanding the holistic implications of health. Because as we know, holistic health encompasses mental, emotional, social and spiritual health as well as nutrition and exercise.

But another big part of training is in functional testing. This is testing that is different to your standard blood lab testing which gives you an indication of levels via reference range of specific markers. It does not tell you how your body is metabolising key biochemical nutrients.

Functional testing looks at a metabolic level, how these nutrients are getting processed and if they are being utilised effectively. Depending on the presenting symptoms functional testing may be able to show you;

  • How your hormones are being metabolised and therefore functioning
  • How your body is metabolising toxins
  • How your body utilises neurotransmitters
  • The state of your gut microbiome

Ongoing professional training is needed to ensure a Clinical Nutritionist is up to speed with the current scientific research (which is constantly evolving!) and being registered is essential. At Mint Gym and Nutrition, our Clinical Nutritionists are registered with the Clinical Nutrition Association where we attend on most weeks some type of educational seminar to keep abreast of new scientific evidence based nutritional concepts.

Its time to rediscover your SPARK!

Let us help you get your mojo back! If you are ready to get your energy back, then let one of the Clinical Nutritionist’s at Mint Gym and Fitness help you on your way to achieving your ultimate goal. YES!

When you book a full consultation appointment with one of our Clinical Nutritionist’s, we will look at your complete health history. We will look at your food diary to see where we might be able to pin point areas that we can help you focus on. We will consider stress factors, level of exercise and any other influences that might be impacting upon your energy.

If we need to arrange blood tests we will do this through your GP where ever possible. Our primary position is to work as integrative practitioners alongside your GP.

We may also suggest specific functional tests to help us get a clearer idea of what else might be going on the body that could be interfering with your energy production.

We will make nutritional suggestions based on what we see through your food diary. We will be able to detect which key energy producing nutrients you might be lacking and make the right dietary suggestions for you. At the end of the day we believe, and we know through clinical and personal experience in the POWER of food. It has the power to either nourish us or harm us. Nutrition is the foundation to feeling healthy and energised.

We may suggest supplements to help you get your mojo back. Supplements are only suggested where we feel there is a real need to fill a potential void where food may not be enough. This may be due to specific health issues, digestive issues or hormonal issues which could be impacting upon energy production. For example did you know that even the nature of ageing impacts upon our ability to produce key nutrients needed for energy production? This is where we may suggest nutrient specific supplements to help you get your spark back!

So why don’t you make that appointment? If you are ready to be energised, come and chat to one of the Mint Clinical Nutritionist’s. We are here to work with you in providing that strong foundation for energy production which will set you on the path to getting that mojo back!