Stretch + Strong

If you are looking to make a change then stretch and strong is the perfect program for you.  With sitting becoming a regular occurrence, our hips, upper back and shoulders become the focus of tension and poor posture.   If we lengthen and strengthen the muscles that cause these issues then the body will react to less stress placed upon it and become stronger and mobile allowing more freedom in the way we move. 

Our Mint Signature 45 minute training sessions allows for 30-35  minutes of training with 10-15 minute of mobility and stretching.  The strengthening and lengthening of  this program leaves you feeling lighter and more capable.  If you have any health or physical complications then please let us know as we may suggest another program to be more suitable.

Included in your challenge:

  • Personal Training and stretching sessions (45 minutes)
  • Regularly updated training program
  • Constant feed back Check-ins and progress updates
  • Grid classes to complement your training sessions.
  • Personal Fitness App
  • Body Composition Test. BIA muscle fat water ratio, as well as cell age.
  • A Nutrition Plan, either using a ketogenic plan or one designed to your specs.
  • Full membership for 6 weeks (24 hr access)
  • A supportive and dedicated team of professionals


1 PT  per week $648 or $120 per week

2 PT per week $1080 or 200 per week  (most popular)

3 PT per week $1512 or 280 per week

Contact for more information: