12 Transform Group Programme – max 10 people only

Group max 10 people
$299 per person

  • 1x 60 min initial GROUP consultation in our clinic. This is an informative & fun session which will provide you with all the necessary information & resources you need to start your 12-week programme. It will also introduce you to the rest of the group who are sharing this experience with you.
  • 5 x follow up 60 minute follow up GROUP sessions for food diary assessment and to track your progress and make any necessary adjustments.
  • 2 x Bio-impedance analysis testing – body composition assessment
  • Resources Include: meal plans, shopping lists, healthy recipes, food preparation tips
  • Weekly support from your group nutritionist via emails & a closed facebook group over the entire 12 weeks
  • Some people work best when they can ‘buddy up’ as a group for that extra special support & motivation. If that’s you then this group programme is perfect! Not only do you have support from our nutritionists, but this popular programme has proven to be super supportive, fun and social.



This 12 week programme is aimed at achieving healthy weight loss.  Its provided in a small group setting (max 10 people only) as these intimate groups provide fun, friendship & loads of support!

Learn how to achieve & maintain a healthy body composition with accountability, motivation, guidance & practical advice from our Nutritionists.

Register your interest & we will contact you back with the next start date.

The next step is yours!  We are here to help you achieve your goal when your decision is NOW!