Functioning For Your Life

Our society is experiencing an enormous threat from chronic illness that needs to be solved.  Functional Medicine is a solution that is driving change & revolutionising healthcare.

Mint’s nutrition clinic is a Functional Medicine clinic.

How is this different?

Functional medicine is a new way of thinking about health & disease;

  • It’s both proactive & preventative
  • It addresses the root cause of chronic disease
  • It optimises health by treating the body as an integrated (whole) system

How we achieve it?

This is achieved in a therapeutic partnership with you & your clinical nutritionist;

  • First we listen to your story / case history
  • The case history obtained is thorough which is why we need 90 mins for a new client
  • Then we assess your individual needs
  • We consider the complex web of interactions that have led to illness or preventing optimal health / performance
  • We look at both your internal & environmental factors
  • In addition to standard pathology testing, we incorporate information from considered¬†genetic & metabolic¬†testing
  • This allow us to understand how your unique human blueprint impacts on your overall health or athletic performance.

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