If you have struggled with health issues, yet all your blood tests come back ‘normal’ then the OAT test is a good way to reveal what the underlying cause is.”

The OAT test can help to reveal problems with metabolism, nutrient deficiencies, gut health, neurotransmitters & much more.

This is a urine test. It provides insight into whether someone has bacterial, yeast or clostridium overgrowth within their intestinal tract. It also provides information around genetic biomarkers and metabolism of amino acid, as well as good indications of nutrient levels.

Additional glyphosphate, environmental toxins and phospholipase A2 testing can also be requested as part of the Organic Acid testing, which is very highly associated with chronic inflammation and pain.

The OAT test is also applicable to children and can identify underlying causes that contribute to ADHD, autism, sensory processing issues, behaviour and learning problems.

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