Lipo screen LDL sub fraction & oxidised HDL sub fraction testing”

Common cholesterol testing may not reveal your real risk of heart attack & stroke!

Did you know that regular LDL & HDL cholesterol tests are only a rough indicator & can fail to spot high-risk cholesterol levels, while returning misleading warnings for healthy people?

Lipo Screen subfraction testing reveals your true cholesterol risk by going deeper than ordinary tests & analysing LDL subfractions.

LDL sub-fractions are a type of fat particle in your blood.  These particles are absorbed by cells in the blood vessel wall & may contribute to arterial plaque build-up or coronary artery disease.  LDL subfractions can conceal a high-risk cholesterol problem – even when your overall level of LDL cholesterol is “normal”.

We recommend taking the LDL subfraction & oxidised HDL subfraction tests together.

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