Nutrition medicine is changing rapidly & we are changing with it

Mint’s nutritionists are avidly involved in continuing education & professional development in nutrition science to keep abreast of emerging research.  Recommendations for any metabolic or genetic testing is in context with clinical assessment & in relevance of proven clinical outcomes to date from the latest diagnostic techniques.

Treatment based programmes include the combination of prescribed evidence-based medicines, therapeutic personalised nutrition programmes & wellness management plans which incorporate nutrition, exercise & lifestyle recommendations.

These recommendations may often include referral to practitioners of supporting health-based modalities in recognition that optimal wellness for any individual is often achieved with an integrative approach.

Functional testing

Mint’s Clinical Nutritionists provide functional testing services via certified laboratories to promote optimal ageing, assist your health & wellbeing & improve clinical efficiency. Below tests are some of the more common functional testing information obtained, but not exclusive. More specialised tests are available as appropriate to clinical assessment.

Standard pathology testing

We facilitate all standard blood tests via Southern Community Laboratories or as appropriate, will work with your GP or health specialist for administration.

Normal blood testing often provides general results which help to indicate if further investigation / clinical testing is required.

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