Mint Shape Shifter

Individuals $1622 or upfront $754 with 12 weekly payments of $75


  • Nutrition (nourishm1nt)
  • Personal Training (movem1nt)
  • Membership (commitm1nt)

Included in this programme is;

  • Full membership to Mint’s 24 hour swish Fitness facility
  • Thirteen Personal Training (PT) sessions. Including a Fitness assessment and twelve, sessions
  • Each week will comprise of a PT session weekly with a structured week of exercise for you to follow.
  • 1x 90 min initial consultation (in person) where we set your goals, write a nutrition plan, set exercise goals & facilitate implementation
  • 6 x 30 minute follow up nutrition appointments (by phone, skype or in person) to track your progress and make any necessary adjustments.
    3 x Bio-impedance analysis testing – body composition assessment to track your progress.
  • Includes: meal plans, easy shopping lists, healthy recipes.
  • Support from PT team over the entire 12 weeks.
  • Weekly support from your nutritionist & food diary assessment via email over the entire 12 weeks.
  • Supplementation recommendations if required are additional.

The Shape Shifter is designed to transform your body composition, mobility, cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance.
With the incorporation of both our nutrition and fitness programmes tailored to you specifically for awesome results. Our experienced staff will focus on your specific needs and work as a team to obtain a Mint body.
This is our most popular package.