Mint Golf Fitness

Individuals $715 member + membership or $845 for non members


  • Personal Training (movem1nt)
  • Membership (commitm1nt) optional

Included in this programme is;

  • Thirteen Personal Training (PT) sessions. Including a Fitness assessment and twelve, 30 minute training sessions.
  • Identify weaknesses and goals the client would like to achieve.
  • Each week will comprise of a PT session weekly with a structured week of exercise for you to follow.
  • Support from PT team over the entire 12 weeks.
  • Full membership to Mint’s 24 hour swish Fitness facility (optional)

The Mint Golf programme is designed around:

    • Injury Prevention
    • Adding speed and power to your swing
    • More control over your swing
    • Reducing fatigue on the course
    • Increasing rotational and flexion movement
    • Core stability