Mint FITT             $54 weekly

Mint FITT plus    $110 weekly 

Up front cost: 45.00



  • Mint Kick start nutrition Booklet
  • FITT club classes (unlimited)
  • Body analysis (BIA start and finish)
  • Personal Training (plus only)

Included in this programme is;

  • Unlimited weekly use to FITT club Classes
  • Kick Start Nutrition booklet to get you nutrition on track fast.
  • Body comp assessment (BIA) at the start and end of the four weeks.
  • Each week will comprise of a PT session (Plus only)
  • Support from team over the entire 4 weeks.

The Mint FITT programme has many benefits.  It will help kick start you fat loss, while increasing your metabolism and energy.


The 4 week programme although short will help develop habits that will assist you on the way to getting in Mint Condition.

Mint Fitt Plus