Are you in Mint Condition?

What is Mint Condition?

We are a bit more real than the dictionary version of Mint Condition!!  It does not mean peak physical fitness and herculean strength, but a body that is ready for action when called upon, rather than just looks & size.

After much deliberation, we reckon that somewhere between average, normal & peak would be a really good example of Mint Condition.

When you start a fitness regime we look at a series of exercises to gauge your current level of fitness.  In doing so the following area’s are generally assessed as a measure of your ‘athleticism & fitness’;

  • Mobility & flexibility
  • Strength
  • Balance & agility
  • Power & speed

As there are no specific exercises that state what is the best for each of these. The Mint trainers have developed exercise challenges that they have determined to be a fair bench mark for denoting someone as being in ‘Mint Condition’.

The good news: If you don’t measure up to our admittedly challenging standards right away, we have fun training strategies that will help you get there. Then you won’t need to look in a dictionary for the definition of Mint Condition. You’ll just need to look in a mirror!

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