About Us

We may not be huge in size but we are huge in our commitment to helping you choose health as a positive vitality.   We are concerned with what improves lives, what increases your energy, improves your mood and allows each individual to live & thrive optimally.   We may all be in this life together but each of us “does life” a little bit different!

Our qualified & dedicated team recognise that you are not the same as everyone else, they are  equipped with the experience, passion & expertise to work with you & your uniqueness to build your lasting relationship with your own health & wellness!

Our Team

Mike McCauley
Master Trainer (Boss Man)

I’m Mike, owner of Mint Gym + Nutrition.

I have been a trainer for over 20 years and still love my job. As a trainer I work alongside Physios, Doctors and other health professionals to ensure that clients/members get results that will give longevity of life.

I always try to make the session experience enjoyable and challenging, my experience allows me to draw out of a client their best performance.

Proper technique, posture and rehabilitation are my specialties along with HIIT training and Mobility.

Working with a team of fantastic nutritionists gives me the benefit of getting results that are sustainable and long lasting.

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Di McCauley
Lead Nutritionist

My passion with food and its performance attributes, as well as it ability to heal the body has been the cornerstone of my nutrition practice.

I have continued to maintain general clinic practice as my schedule allows with the majority of my time currently devoted to performance athletes, research & development relating to body composition assessment.   As a Qualified Clinical Nutritionist & Medical Herbalist I have maintained clinical practice since 1989 and started working with athletes in 2003.

My specialist area’s of knowledge & interest include; sports nutrition & the modalities of nutri genomics / epigenetics & the influence of both on improving human health.

The ketogenic programme has been a firm favorite and has shown good results among my athletes and clients.

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Zane Du Plessis
Elite Trainer + Lifestyle Nutrition

I’m Zane a Personal Trainer & lifestyle Nutritionist at Mint Gym + Nutrition . I am originally from Cape Town, South-Africa and have over 10 years of experience in the industry. I have loved every second and to this day it continues to challenge and excite me on a daily basis. My Personal Training & nutrition work great as a team and support the Mint ethos.

I have a huge passion for transforming the way people live, eat, sleep and train, keeping in mind that health and fitness is not only just going to a gym and a good nutrition but a complete lifestyle change.

I treat every client as if they are my first and only client. I believe in building great client trainer relationships to not only better your experience but provide amazing results. My biggest goal in life would be to help every individual I work with to grow mentally, physically and emotionally as a person with me by their side.

I know that my knowledge and experience of training and nutrition gives me the ability to guide and support each client to achieve their full potential and would love the opportunity to work with you.

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Benjamin Bryant-Simpson
Head Coach

Benjamin Bryant-Simpson has been with Mint Gym since Jan 2021. I completed my B.S.Ed in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Georgia, and have been in the industry and passionate about training and personal training for the past fourteen years. Always the athlete, in high school, I played Olympic development football/soccer, captained his varsity cross-country and wrestling teams, and later went on to run track and cross-country at University. Continuing sport after University as a professional cyclist for ten years until heart complications made me take a step back.   I am also a bit nerd, keeping up with peer reviewed articles in physiology and exercise to stay up to date with current research.

In my spare time I enjoy brewing beer, taking loooong rides on my bicycle, and spending time with my talented, attractive, witty, hilarious wife and her terrible cats.

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Back up boot camp trainer (Dog Dude)

I’m usually hanging out in front of the cafe door (no coincidence!)  I’d prefer my position to be ‘food tester’ but I’m walking the talk  with my health & fitness preferring to stay lean for speed & agility!! (they do know I’m a lab right?)

I’m always happy to hang out at bootcamp and move those bright coloured cones around, I’m awesome at providing ‘cuddle’ support on the mat when those PT’s are stretching the sore bits and you need something to hang onto!

My specialty is ‘Rest Days’  & I generally have two speeds flat out (moving like the wind after the ball) and “flat out”(spread eagle at the door).

Finally my worldly advice is not to stress about life but instead handle stressful situations like me – if you can’t eat it or play with it then just pee on it and walk away!