About Us

We may not be huge in size but we are huge in our commitment to helping you choose health as a positive vitality.   We are concerned with what improves lives, what increases your energy, improves your mood and allows each individual to live & thrive optimally.   We may all be in this life together but each of us “does life” a little bit different!

Our qualified & dedicated team recognise that you are not the same as everyone else, they are  equipped with the experience, passion & expertise to work with you & your uniqueness to build your lasting relationship with your own health & wellness!

Our Team

Mike McCauley
Master Trainer (Boss Man)

I’m Mike, owner of Mint Gym + Nutrition.

I have been a trainer for over 20 years and still love my job. As a trainer I work alongside Physios, Doctors and other health professionals to ensure that clients/members get results that will give longevity of life.

I always try to make the session experience enjoyable and challenging, my experience allows me to draw out of a client their best performance.

Proper technique, posture and rehabilitation are my specialties along with HIIT training and Mobility.

Working with a team of fantastic nutritionists gives me the benefit of getting results that are sustainable and long lasting.

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Di McCauley
Lead Nutritionist

My passion with food and its performance attributes, as well as it ability to heal the body has been the cornerstone of my nutrition practice.

I have continued to maintain general clinic practice as my schedule allows with the majority of my time currently devoted to performance athletes, research & development relating to body composition assessment.   As a Qualified Clinical Nutritionist & Medical Herbalist I have maintained clinical practice since 1989 and started working with athletes in 2003.

My specialist area’s of knowledge & interest include; sports nutrition & the modalities of nutri genomics / epigenetics & the influence of both on improving human health.

The ketogenic programme has been a firm favorite and has shown good results among my athletes and clients.

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Amy Ferguson
Trainer & Group Fitness

Mid-Canterbury born and bred, I’ve made the move to Christchurch to be with my partner and spread my knowledge and passion.
My vision is to educate and inspire and create enjoyment around health and fitness.
I love a good challenge and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone so in my spare time I like to train for endurance events.
So far I have completed Coast to Coast, Challenge Wanaka Half Ironman and most recently the Fire Fighter Sky Tower Challenge in Auckland.
I believe anything is achievable if you put your mind to it, so set those goals and come and have a chat about how I can help you achieve them.
Certificate in Personal Training
Diploma in Therapeutic and Sports Massage
Medical Co-Response capable
NZIHF Boxing Fundamentals
NZIHF Exercise and Pregnancy

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Aaron McLachlan
Trainer & Group Fitness

My name is Aaron McLachlan, and I am a personal trainer. I have not always been a personal trainer; I am now 53 and it was not really until my 40s that I really got into the fitness Industry.
Before I discovered the gym, I was a smoker for 28 years and unfit. A few months after I stopped smoking, I noticed I was really putting on the weight. I needed to do something about it and joined a local gym starting out with various cardio workouts but quickly turned my attention to weight training. I got a special buzz from weights, felt stronger all over, like I was invincible.

When people in the gym approached me for help to spot them or with their technique, I would get good feedback on how they appreciate my help, and that I should look at becoming a trainer, this led to me deciding to commit to a new career as a personal trainer.

I am extremely focused on form and technique. No matter what your weightlifting goals are, proper form is your first and most crucial step. Incorrect form clients and even incorrect information by personal trainers is dangerous and gets in the way of you achieving your goals.
After watching my Mum struggle with osteoporosis, loss of balance and reduced mobility; I realized that I could help people in their 40s, 50s and older to age strong and mobile, enabling them to enjoy improved quality and length of life.

Outside of the gym, I am a husband & father, my family are always my number one priority and my biggest support. I am a big sports fan, especially rugby and league, however if it is competitive, I am pretty happy to watch and maybe even give it a go. On the quieter side, I like a good movie, love a sneaky bag of potato chips, am always up for travel (I have seen a lot more of New Zealand since the borders have been closed), and try to go for a walk in nature as often as I can.

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Aviva Cui
Group Fitness & Trainer

Aviva has a huge passion for supporting others to grow. Aiming to deliver well-being and sustainable knowledge, Aviva strives to help others build their confidence and well-being through a group fitness class. Originally from China, she found her group fitness talent back when she was a child sent to the gym to get better health by her mother. She found she could easily follow steps and truly enjoyed the music that the class offered. Aviva now has many years of group class teaching experience.

Aviva is also passionate about digital marketing and human behaviour research, so you might see her say hello to you through different online channels. Outside of work, she appreciates the beautiful mountains and lakes the South Island offers. Having a cup of coffee and exploring around New Zealand is her ideal holiday.


Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Monash University
Diploma of Recreation Management, Lincoln University (Level 7)
Master of Applied Science, Lincoln University
First Aid certification

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Helena Dinnissen
Trainer & Group Fitness

Kia Ora, I’m Helena and I may just be one of the most enthusiastic people you’ll ever meet.
I became a personal trainer and group fitness instructor because, getting fit after having 3 kids, changed my life and now I’m on a mission to share that life changing energy with as many people as I can.

I experienced severe post-natal depression throughout my 20’s, then at 32, after my 3rd child I found myself, unfit and unhealthy both physically and mentally. Choosing to do something about it, making my well-being a priority in my own life, led to me getting into shape, then being completely hooked on how good it felt being fit and strong.

When I’m not running around after my 3 kids, and helping others achieve their health goals, you can find me in the kitchen cooking up a storm or training for athletics. I absolutely love to run fast, jump over things, and lift heavy objects! I’m currently a top world ranked master’s athlete across a number of events and hold numerous New Zealand and Oceania Masters Athletics Records. I enjoy chasing records and holding a world record is a life goal of mine. I still love competing with the youngsters and am fondly known as ‘Track Mum’.

I am passionate about empowering people to get strong, while finding joy in exercise in a way that they will continue to thrive on. Whether you are wanting to get fit after having children, develop functional strength for life, run faster, play harder or want to learn to move some crazy heavy objects, I can help you and make it fun along the way.

Certificate in Personal Training
Certificate in Youth & Community Work
First Aid Certificate
NZIHF Olympic Weightlifting

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Back up boot camp trainer (Dog Dude)

I’m usually hanging out in front of the cafe door (no coincidence!)  I’d prefer my position to be ‘food tester’ but I’m walking the talk  with my health & fitness preferring to stay lean for speed & agility!! (they do know I’m a lab right?)

I’m always happy to hang out at bootcamp and move those bright coloured cones around, I’m awesome at providing ‘cuddle’ support on the mat when those PT’s are stretching the sore bits and you need something to hang onto!

My specialty is ‘Rest Days’  & I generally have two speeds flat out (moving like the wind after the ball) and “flat out”(spread eagle at the door).

Finally my worldly advice is not to stress about life but instead handle stressful situations like me – if you can’t eat it or play with it then just pee on it and walk away!