Mints Grid Method

Grid is Mints New High Intensity Training (HIIT) Method

High intensity relates to how much the individual work rate is.  EG 70% for some for some people this may mean a lot for others it may mean a lot less. The Mint Trainer will help with your level if unsure.

The method will work well for individuals and groups alike depending on what you are trying to achieve.


  • Combine your PT session to work with a programmed grid session.
  • Focused & Specialised Training (upperbody, legs & Glutes, conditioning)


  • Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) 2-6 people
  • Programmed Classes (up to 16 people) .

The method requires the personal trainers to program your sessions using  plyometric, balance, angle and weight manipulations + conditioning.  These are higher intensity interval classes &  session, so members can work at their own pace with some guidance, variations and a nudge from our Mint trainers to reap the rewards of these fantastic programs.

We are running free classes until & including 6 June on Saturday 9.30am.

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