Our Grid Method

Grid is Mints New High Intensity Training (HIIT) Method

High intensity relates to how much the individual work rate is.  EG 70% for some for some people this may mean a lot for others it may mean a lot less. The Mint Trainer will help with your level if unsure.

The method will work well for individuals and groups alike depending on what you are trying to achieve.


  • Combine your PT session to work with a programmed grid session.
  • Focused & Specialised Training (upperbody, legs & Glutes, conditioning)


  • Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) 2-6 people
  • Programmed Classes (up to 16 people) .

The method requires the personal trainers to program your sessions using  plyometric, balance, angle and weight manipulations + conditioning.  These are higher intensity interval classes &  session, so members can work at their own pace with some guidance, variations and a nudge from our Mint trainers to reap the rewards of these fantastic programs.

Group Sessions are on Saturday 9.30am and Wednesday at 5.30pm come along to one or both.

Come down and try our new Grid sessions.

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HIIT the Grid session