Allergies – Looking beyond the skin and nose.

Well winter is finally behind us and spring is here however, with spring comes for many the unfortunate season of sneezing, sniffing and scratching – allergies!

Stress think you can handle it or is it weighing you down?

Stress is such an interesting topic to talk about these days. In clinic we see a lot of it, and its no wonder. Modern living and stress seem to go hand in hand and its no surprise that so many people are impacted by just day to day living!

Hormone dysfunction – when your body is out of balance & out of control!

Lost Your Mojo? A visit to a Clinical Nutritionist might help you find your spark!

Your Mood & Sunshine Hours – Whats The Connection?

Janes Visit To Cleveland Clinic

Read about our Clinical Nutritionist Jane's experience at the esteemed Cleveland clinic of functional medicine.

Healthy Ageing Topic Two – Why Worry?

There are many conditions & chronic disorders affecting more & more people under the age of 60 resulting in premature ageing. Here we explain the effect on the body & what you can do to prevent premature ageing.

Healthy Ageing Topic One – Diabetes Type 3 (Alzheimer’s)

One thing that has been researched more recently is the theory that Alzheimer’s could be described as Diabetes type 3. This is because several studies have identified that with Alzheimer’s disease there is evidence of insulin resistance in the brain. Here we discuss how to promote healthy ageing.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Mint's Clinical Nutritionist Claudia Oxford-Gonzalez explains intermittent fasting and who benefits from it.

Antibiotic Resistance & Your Health

We thought this was worth spreading. The programme (below link) re-screened Sunday 11th June on Prime TV, investigates the rise of antibiotic resistance and its ‘super-bug’ consequences.