Winter cardio

With winter nipping closer and closer each day, frosty mornings and drizzly evenings squash our motivation to don the grey hoodie and burn fat out on the streets like Rocky himself. Throughout the past few weeks Minties have come to us seeking a warmer alternative to outdoor exercise and we have answered the call! To save some guesswork your PT’s have waded through the research and compiled a list of the highest calorie burning machines available here at Mint!

Jump rope – 1000 Calories per hour (cal/hr)

-Often seen as an ‘old time’ option, jump rope can be done almost anywhere on the gym floor, adds definition to calves and shoulders, develops explosive leg strength and increases stamina!

 Rowing – 840cal/hr

-Excellent full body workout compared to its more isolated brothers (cycling in particular). The low impact nature of rowing a good option for people recovering from injuries! Working almost every muscle in the body makes it a powerful fat burner.

 Treadmill – Walking 300-400cal/hr, Running 500-600cal/hr

-Being one of the most widely used pieces of cardio equipment in the world means you can often find them in small hotel/motels while on holiday! Adjustable incline and speeds offer diversity and is perfect for cross country athletes to simulate specific runs when the weather doesn’t want to play ball.

Cross-trainer – 350-800cal/hr

-Low impact, full body, testing on balance, the cross-trainer is often used during rehabilitation. Cross-trainers can be equally punishing with the addition of arm cranks that split the work between the upper and lower body!

Cycling – 500-600cal/hr

(Researchers estimates)

-Another low impact champion of fat burning cycling allows patrons a chance to sit and zone out for a while.

So there you have it! Next time you’re in the gym remember there are plenty of options to keep you on track throughout the winter months.