What’s New in 2018 for…

It’s the start of another year and with many people making resolutions to get healthier there are more and more new and exciting ways to make this happen.

At Mint, the staff read, research, try and then we consider which member or client we will unleash our new-found knowledge upon. Of course, we do this with the utmost belief that this will be of benefit. Much of the latest research hints that there may be something unique about pushing yourself at least a little extra that alters and ramps up the benefits of exercise, beginning deep within our cells.

Oh, and several studies also helpfully told us that freezing us like a popsicle will help us recover faster.

This year’s overarching message in exercise-related science was that physical activity, in almost any form and amount changes the arc of our lives. It makes us feel better, stronger, healthier and more energetic in some form. 

Some new and old trends for 2018, depending on who you follow will have some variances, but they all agree that the following areas that will expand;


HIIT still leads the list as it did last year, alternating short bursts of high-intensity exercise with short periods of recovery – is not new. But it is becoming a huge hit, (get it) with many, from time-strapped office workers to fat loss-driven people.    Anytime you do high-intensity anything, there may be an increased risk of injury.  Like all trends, it has it’s place in a programme (talk to one of the Mint Trainers for advice) and does not necessarily mean that it must be used every training session to see results.

Small Group Training (SGT)

Small Group Training is has made a big jump and it’s easy to see why.  These types of sessions are cost-effective, fun, functional and motivational.  For more info read our blogs or pop in and speak to Tony, our expert small group trainer at Mint

Older Adults

Another trend for 2018 will still be older adults joining fitness clubs.  They get it, well most of them!!  They get that working out is about longevity and being fit for everyday living not just to fit into a certain clothes size.  They want to maintain a healthy brain (brain health & exercise is proven to be inextricably intertwined), as well as being able to run around after their grandchildren not to mention, maintain a higher quality of life so they can go on holidays away, carry their own groceries, play in their gardens etc…

Wearable Technology

This includes all activity trackers and smartwatches.  Smartwatches and trackers are equipped with functions that track what you want to know about your workout, including duration, heart rate, calories burned, speed and distance.

Some also boast features such as automatic activity detection, sleep tracking, music playing, smartphone notifications and digital payment services.

Body weight and strength training

We know what it is, and we know that it is good for us but like, so many areas of health and fitness, expert advice can save us from injuries.  Good technique and mobility will make a difference to how we get the best from these exercises.  Body weight and Strength training is popular among younger members but also increasingly for older clients who recognise their improvement in strength & mobility keep them feeling years young!.

DNA Testing for Health and peak performance:

From heritage tracking to allergy tests, DNA testing has become more popular than ever over the past year.  The convenience of the tests is coming to stage where elaborate laboratories are not required, and simple in-house testing will be all that is required. The promise of genetic testing is that it can tell you more about the way you’re built so that you can tailor your lifestyle to fit your biology — and ultimately change up your fitness routine to get great results.

At Mint we do DNA testing for a variety of areas if you require more information talk to our lovely Jane (our resident food freak)


We all have it, and we love it.  Comfort and style are on the up and up.

The activewear market has boomed over the last few years, thanks to the surge in fitness trends. Fancy yoga & tracks pants, high-support sports bras, pretty tank tops, and multi-use jackets have all been designed to wear to the Oscars or the supermarket.

Based on the roaring sales and frequent product launches, this trend is not about to end. In fact, brands are working tirelessly to update their fit, form and fabric technology, so they can keep churning out sleeker products.


And to finish up

Fitness is transitioning from a subculture of passionate enthusiasts to a mainstream lifestyle.

Fitness clothing has become normal, wearable technology demonstrates that individuals don’t just want to go to a gym to sweat; rather, they want to incorporate unique, fitness experiences into their daily lives.  Adults of all ages are enjoying fitness for the social benefits as well as the health outcomes,  joining a fitness group or gym isn’t just an opportunity to get in shape but is rapidly becoming a primary option for real-life, social interaction by adults of all ages.

The popularity DNA testing to ensure that you live the best life possible regarding the type of activity or food that best suits your biology is becoming standard.

In the future, the most progressive changes to the fitness landscape won’t come from the fitness industry itself, but will instead be introduced by outside influencers like the tech industry.