Watt? It’s simple, it’s challenging and it’s inside for the winter!

The WattBike’s clear advantage is its simplicity. In these cold winter days There’s no need to use a dirty winter bike or special tires, check pressure, forecast or deal with the multitude of factors that prevent most trainers from giving a good work out ride including cars. The Watt bike is factory calibrated and WattBike claims it never needs to be re-calibrated.

Starting a workout is as easy as slipping on your shoes and pressing the “Just Ride” button.

The WattBike allows you to quickly match your road bike position, though you may want to use your own saddle and pedals.. The built in aerobars didn’t seem very useable and did make a great stand for tablets.

The handlebar-mounted computer is well placed and provides a wealth of features and the PC-based software, with a great graphical representation of your pedal stroke, is just a USB cable away.

So have fun this winter indoors in the comfort and utilize this time to strengthen your legs with the leg equipment until the summer season start again.