Tribe mentality – Power of the pack

Group fitness has remained at the forefront of exercise trends since its inception and while the 2015-2017 season was dominated by Crossfit there is a myriad of other exercise types that adopt the ‘tribe’ mentality, take a look:

  • Zuu (bodyweight functional movement)
  • HIIT (high-intensity interval training)
  • Zumba (think aerobics to pop music)
  • Pump/Spin (resistance based cardio)
  • BoxFit (combat based metabolic conditioning)
  • Cadence (stationary watt bikes for cycle nuts)
  • TABATA (resistance based, 45seconds on 45seconds off for sets of 4-12)
  • Yoga/Pilates (uses the body to improve mobility, flexibility and focus)
  • Bootcamps (minimal equipment, high intensity, tough as nails)

Clearly, this stuff works, so whats the real appeal? Weight comes in the form of accountability when we talk group exercise. Say a friend ropes us in and the competitive spirit sets in or we just don’t want to be the first to drop a knee, exercise with others can be a great motivator, especially when first starting out. Most groups orientated styles of fitness run anywhere from 6-12 weeks, providing a stable routine to switch our mindsets from ‘exercise is a choice’ to ‘exercise is part of me’, and this is when we get real gains.

The camaraderie built sweating your way through a boot camp can be a powerful tool for converting the social recluse into an outgoing, physically transformed member of the group who now has a new network of friends! Powerful stuff if you ask me.

We often enter into things like this not quite fully understanding how much it will really affect us. Throughout my time at Mint, I have seen a good share of people drastically alter not only their physique but grow in confidence over the course of an 8-week boot camp and go on to compete in marathons, ice climbs and coast to coast like events.

If you’re someone who struggles with motivation, wants a real challenge, and finds it hard to push through the wall, ask your Mint Trainers for some info on the in-house boot camp and other options. We’re here and happy to help!

-Josh Keegan