the skillmill

The Skill Mill is aimed at high intensity interval training. It is an effective way to achieve maximum fitness, burn fat and build muscle.


It allows the everyday user to improve power, speed  stamina and agility in a safe and engaging effective way.

It has a huge variety of workouts routines to turn all members into healthier, conditioned MINTY performers.

Its Non-Motorised, which means you control it at your own pace, with levels start from 1 to 10 control resistance.

It allows you to have a sled to push and a track to train on all in the same place.


So lets get stuck in, any questions don’t be scared to ask one of our amazing trainers for a demonstration. It would be our absolute pleasure!!!


Circuit for Photos from today to add to:

Try this mini circuit mintys

#1  Boxes step up

#2  Ball slams

#3  Push up

#4  sit ups

#5  boxes push


Start with:

40 seconds doing the exercise 20 seconds rest.

Then More on to next exercise

1 minute rest between rounds,


Complete 4 to 5 rounds