The need for speed

Sprinting (or in Milo’s case dinner call)

There is no better exercise..Sprint training is by far the most effective way to transform your body in the least amount of time.

Sprinting is one of the purest and most powerful physique-shaping exercises.  (How many bad physiques do you see sprinting)

Remember that the warm up for sprinting is essential. There have been a few clients at their child’s school sports that are not quite in the best shape and with no warm up have pulled hammy or calf.

Sprinting has lots of benefits including but not limited to:

Lean body composition

  • Which gives more defined abs and toned legs

Increase the body’s ability to utilise fat

  • We don’t actually burn fat while sprinting but the ability to burn fat after we stop exercising is greatly increased.

Less risk of tripping and falling

  • We prime our nervous system so that we react faster.

Increase mental toughness

  • Interval training is not easy and in some cases this will be the toughest exercise of the day

So add some sprint training into your workout either as a part one or two sprints included in you training session or if you want a full on one try this below on the skill mill or across at the park.

The workout: 

6-10 x 200 meters with 2-3 minutes walk rest between sprints
Do the first couple of sprints at 60-80% max effort and then the remaining sprints at 85%+.

Try for even pacing of all intervals starting with the 3rd set.

If you feel good on the last set, try to run your fastest sprint.

Remember, do not exert yourself too hard on the first couple rounds; starting out more slowly while finishing strong will ensure a fun workout, with the least risk of injury or overtraining.

This is more fun with a buddy or at least have someone to go through the pain with you.  (throw the ball, throw the ball, as Milo would say)