Technology in the fitness industry

And this is very timely at the moment as we are changing over our CRM (client retention management system) from MINDBODY to GymMaster.

It all sounds like fun and but obviously the set up is the most important part.  For most of us we love technology but only use a small amount of what’s available.  Check your phone and let me know what apps that you have that you don’t use or have no idea what they are.

These are some areas of that we use technology and why we use it (other than it is cool).

I have always wanted to make Mint as paperless as possible, and to do this technology is the best way to go.

Upon saying that I am looking for several things in a technology, it has to,

  • Be simple and easy to use
  • It has to be more convenient (than not using technology)
  • make it transparent (for the consumer and user)
  • be less time consuming (time is precious)
  • mobile friendly
  • cloud based (no that’s not in the sky thing)
  • and if it can be cool that will be a bonus

What we use it mint to help us.

  • We have a Client Management system that has a mobile app attached.
  • A fitness builder for programmes and
  • Security system integrated to the CRM
  • Facebook, instagram and other social media and online services
  • Music system
  • Body analysis system at the Nutrition Clinic

But as the saying goes or the techo guys tell me the system is only as robust as the setting up allows it to be.  Yeah right.

So can technology help you get and stay fit… my humble opinion “yes”.  If you can find the right type of application or programme that that suits you.

Personal Trainers and nutritionists will still have their place, as most online programmes are made for the general Jo Blogs, so they can’t adjust for injuries, poor form or non compliance.

The technology that is out there now regarding medical is amazing.  There are watches that record your heart rate and if you have a heart attack they call the ambulance service to your location.  This is an awesome feature but is reactive compared to the individual that is working with a PT and nutritionist who we consider are proactive.

But Like all disruptions to the fitness industry the research has show that gadgets and technology is helpful for giving instantaneous data(not results).  So using this in conjunction with your PT and Nutritionist at Mint will give you a greater ability to achieve the maximum results that you what in a shorter time frame.   Small and specialised fitness centres are having huge success in this area.  They have identified experience, knowledge will be a winning combination in this digital era.

So if you are not sure what may help with your ability to get fit and healthy as one of teh team what me be the best for you.

Mike McCauley (Boss)