Strength training for youths


So where does one of our awesome trainers start with youths?

Just as adults need to build a foundation for strength training with exercises in balance and proper form and movement, children also require practice and strategies that match their age and fitness levels.

Young athletes may feel better about themselves as they get stronger.

The goal of strength training is not to bulk up. It should not be confused with weight lifting, bodybuilding, and powerlifting, which are not recommended for kids and teens. Kids and teens who do those sports can risk injuring their growing bones, muscles, and joints.

Strength training is the practice of using free weights, weight machines, and rubber resistance bands, or body weight to build muscles. With resistance the muscles have to work harder to move. When the muscles work harder, they grow stronger and more efficient.

Strength training can also help fortify the ligaments and tendons that support the muscles and bones and improve bone density, which is the amount of calcium and minerals in the bone. And the benefits may go beyond physical health.

When can a Youth begin strength training?

During childhood kids improve their body awareness, control and balance through active play.

However as early as age 13 strength training can become a valuable part of an overall fitness plan as long as the youth is mature enough to follow directions and practice proper technique and form.

It’s important to remember that strength training is one part of a total fitness program. It can play a vital role in keeping your child healthy and fit, along with aerobic exercise such as biking and running, adequate hydration, and healthy nutrition.

What are we doing at Mint?

At the moment Tony is using strength training with three young rugby boys aged between 12 to 17 years. Their enjoyment of their games has shot up due to their improvement in strength and fitness which has allowed them to compete strongly for longer periods of the game.

We also have a 16 year old young lady who’s body strength has improved dramatically that she is cutting through the water and not only has her lap time improved but she is pumping out length after length in the pool.

If you have any questions just ask one of our amazing trainers and lets get your young adult family members off to a fantastic training start and help them build confidence in living a healthy lifestyle for years to come.