1) Decide what that looks and feels like to you. Do you have a photo of your former self you’d like to get back to or an inspiring image of someone you feel is a healthly inspiration. Post it somewhere you can see as visualising is key.

2) Find support. If you don’t currently have people in your life that can help you then look to join one of Mints amazing Small Group Training teams or get on board with one of Mints amazing trainers that will kick you into gear. Everyone has tough days and having people that will encourage and motivate you can make all the difference.

3) Allocate your workout time and show up for it! Set your workout times for the week so they are planned and set and don’t cancel them. They are important meetings to keep you on track to reach your summer body goals.

4) Don’t diet. Just eat healthy. If you go on a diet you will eventually have to go off a diet. Improve your relationship with food and learn to nourish yourself. Book in with our amazing Jane and learn about nutrition and how to eat to feel amazing, it’s worth investing time in and will help you eat healthy for all the seasons.

5) Mix it Up. Routine is the enemy of results. After doing the same routine your body adapts and you burn fewer calories. Eventually your results will slow down so make sure you check in with your mint trainers to see how you can keep mixing up your training to get the greatest results.

So minties it’s time to throw off the trackies and hoodies, lace up those runners and lets hit that beach in top shape!