Clinical Nutritional Services

Nutrition 30

30 Minutes

This appointment is designed as an introduction or follow-up consultation to establish and put in place simple nutritional strategies.

Brief case history
BIA (body Composition & cellular health check)
Zinc test


Nutrition 60

60 Minutes

This is for clients that will a more in-depth collection of information due complexity or requirements of their nutrition.

Full case history
Blood Pressure
Blood Glucose
Zinc Test
BIA (body composition & cellular health check)



Informative and engaging information presented in combination with interactive activities to facilitate learning. Topics include but are not limited to Sports Nutrition, Weightloss, Pregnancy, Eating for Kids, Bulking Up and Corporate Health.

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Nutritional Consultations & Testing

Vitamin B12 Injections

15 MINUTES $22.00

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Clinical Acute Consults


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