My Heart thanks exercise …literally

When I was working in Corporate and Business management roles, there seemed to be always something getting in the way of my desire to be fit, healthy and full of energy.

The biggest hurdles were time and travel (no not time-travel, although it would have helped).

My big reality check happened whilst lying in my hospital bed after heart surgery.  (Yep sometimes it kicks you in the ass).  Part of me was thinking why me, I’m active, eat reasonably well etc.

I finally realised that although I was doing all of these things the stress of my job had gotten to me and even though I was exercising it wasn’t enough and it needed to be better.

I realised then that excuses and “reasons for not looking after your body” don’t matter, excuses won’t fix your heart, your spare tyre or your energy levels.  As it stands, only one person is responsible for your health and fitness.   No one else will “do the time” for you when the crunch comes.  All you busy managers and business owners understand what I’m saying,

The reality is that we know it but always believe that it will never happen to me, I know I was one! After talking to many more colleagues, it was clear that this is the case and having lived through (and not everyone does) I decided to make some changes.

Remember the old TV commercial for shavers “ I loved the business so much I bought it” ….well I didn’t buy it but it along the same lines I became an expert in my issues.

At Mint we walk beside you, motivating you and helping you with technique and workouts that ensure you do not injure yourself and get maximum benefit in minimum time.

For your body’s sake, and your family, Don’t make excuses –  find a way to make exercise a daily commitment.

We specialise in time smart solutions and if you are looking for some health and fitness expertise I would love to be your Personal Trainer.   Using PT service definitely helped me, and that’s exactly why I want to provide the best I can for you.



Tony Gibling

“Health is a gift to be Cherished”

Personal Trainer at Mint