Make the gym part of who you are

Take away:

  • Hit the switch for at least 21days. When exercise becomes routine, it ceases being a choice and becomes something you just do (think work, eating, and sleeping).
  • Train with a frequency of 3 days per week building to 4-5 to give your body the shock it needs to adapt and change!
  • Push through the honeymoon phase until the habit is built.
  • Keep on keeping on, and know when to ask for help.

Create the routine.

Everyone has a driving factor for joining Mint, whether it be wanting to move or feel better, lose weight, tone up, or lift a small cars worth of plates. The first month on the gym floor is a crucial time that can either make or break your experience, here’s why:

Maxwell Maltz, a well-recognized plastic surgeon in the 1950s noticed two phenomena surrounding his patient’s recovery. It took around 21 days for the plastic infused to feel familiar with their new face. Similarly, post amputation it took 21days for the patient to stop sensing his or her phantom limb. A matching pattern when trying to break habits in his own life lead to the quote that started it all:

                  “These, and many other commonly observed phenomena tend to show that it requires a minimum of about 21 days for an old mental image to dissolve and a new one to jell.” – (Maltz. M, 1960)

What does this mean for Minties?

That first bitter-sweet month in the gym is when you need to show your body that this is now part of your life, part of who you are. Training needs to be regular guys, sporadic sessions mean the body perceives these as random events that don’t warrant the need for growth (in strength, mobility, fitness) to cope better.

Have a plan.

The honeymoon period usually spans the first two weeks, the sneakers still smell new and your shirt hasn’t had a decent soaking. Motivation at this point comes easy, however… plan for ‘hitting the wall’. The initial gains start to slow… it’s harder to get out of bed, the speed on the treadmill drops a tad, and you indulge in long rest periods, just don’t. Keep on keeping on. Stay focused through this final hurdle and give your brain a chance to recognize that this new pattern in your life that needs to remain a constant.

Remember team, your Mint trainers are always here to help keep things fresh and see you through the transformation from couch potato to super human.