Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) is an effective and affordable way to reach your fitness goals.

Filling the gap between Group Fitness Classes and One to One Personal Training are the new Small Group Personal Training sessions. Most group training classes have a maximum of 6 persons  and are designed to cater for everyone of all ages and abilities

SGPT provides a range of sessions offering the intensity of personal training within a group dynamic – meaning you not only have your trainer to answer to, you will also have a group of like minded individuals expecting you to show up! Whether you are on a budget or just prefer the support of others, SGPT offers a number of specialised training sessions that maximise results

Everyone who joins our small group personal training programme can do so as an individual. You don’t need to provide friends or other people to share, your session – we’ll do that for you. All you need to know is you’ll be sharing the studio with 3-4 great people who are equally determined to achieve their goal. Small group personal training sessions are held at set times on set days and due to the nature of the programme flexibility to change your session isn’t available.

If you need this flexibility I’d recommend you go for Personal Training . However, if Small Group Personal Training is for you, then there are many benefits for you to enjoy

Why SPGT works;

  • Higher energy level driven by a group setting
  • Support– from the Trainer and your group mates
  • Greater focus– There’s no time to let your mind wander
  • Fun– Yes, fun.
  • Results – Research shows that members that are involved in groups are more likely stick with it.


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