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Hormone dysfunction – when your body is out of balance & out of control!
Lost Your Mojo? A visit to a Clinical Nutritionist might help you find your spark!
Your Mood & Sunshine Hours – Whats The Connection?
Janes Visit To Cleveland Clinic
Healthy Ageing Topic Two – Why Worry?
Healthy Ageing & Diabetes Type 3
Healthy ageing is my new favourite health focus. It used to be that I was worried only about my hormones and so ageing was not something that I really thought about until just lately. Although I have only just recently hit the 40’s, I can’t help but think about how the next 20-40 years might play out for me.
What is Intermittent Fasting? Clinical Nutritionist Claudia explains;
Antibiotic Resistance & Your Health
We thought this was worth spreading. The programme (below link) re-screened Sunday 11th June on Prime TV, investigates the rise of antibiotic resistance and its ‘super-bug’ consequences. Arming yourself with some knowledge on this subject will help you ask the right questions of your health care practitioner if antibiotics have been recommended.
Stay fit & toned while away from MINT
For those going away over the Christmas period and activity seems a low priority due to lack of equipment a gym routine can be hard to maintain. Many holiday areas don't have gyms, or if they don’t have casual access so finding and alternative option is a must.
Springtime is my favourite season of the year, but for many, it can be very unpleasant with their allergies going haywire