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Hormone dysfunction – when your body is out of balance & out of control!
Lost Your Mojo? A visit to a Clinical Nutritionist might help you find your spark!
Your Mood & Sunshine Hours – Whats The Connection?
Janes Visit To Cleveland Clinic
Healthy Ageing Topic Two – Why Worry?
Healthy Ageing & Diabetes Type 3
Healthy ageing is my new favourite health focus. It used to be that I was worried only about my hormones and so ageing was not something that I really thought about until just lately. Although I have only just recently hit the 40’s, I can’t help but think about how the next 20-40 years might play out for me.
What is Intermittent Fasting? Clinical Nutritionist Claudia explains;
Antibiotic Resistance & Your Health
We thought this was worth spreading. The programme (below link) re-screened Sunday 11th June on Prime TV, investigates the rise of antibiotic resistance and its ‘super-bug’ consequences. Arming yourself with some knowledge on this subject will help you ask the right questions of your health care practitioner if antibiotics have been recommended.
Tribe mentality – Power of the pack
Group fitness has remained at the forefront of exercise trends since its inception and while the 2015-2017 season was dominated by Crossfit there is a myriad of other exercise types that adopt the ‘tribe’ mentality, take a look:
My Heart thanks exercise …literally
When I was working in Corporate and Business management roles, there seemed to be always something getting in the way of my desire to be fit, healthy and full of energy. The biggest hurdles were time and travel (no not time-travel, although it would have helped). My big reality check happened whilst lying in my hospital bed after heart surgery.  (Yep sometimes it kicks you in the ass).  Part of me was thinking why me, I’m active, eat reasonably well etc.
What’s New in 2018 for…
It’s the start of another year and with many people making resolutions to get healthier there are more and more new and exciting ways to make this happen. Will new fitness trends help us to keep on track?
Train with Friends and Save!
Try our Small Group personal training (SGPT). It is a great option at a fraction of the cost of one-to-one personal training.
It is the time of year for socialising, catching up with friends and family, end of year events, and holiday time.  If you have worked hard all year to keep good health, and want to minimise the effects of the festive season, here are some tips to help you.
Stay fit & toned while away from MINT
For those going away over the Christmas period and activity seems a low priority due to lack of equipment a gym routine can be hard to maintain. Many holiday areas don't have gyms, or if they don’t have casual access so finding and alternative option is a must.
I was sports addicted, driven to match the physical accolades of my father, and wanted the muscles I saw every night at 5.30pm when Hercules would fill the screen covered in enough baby oil to roast a ham.
Strength training is ridiculously good for females
When it comes to strength training and weight lifting for women, it is still difficult to convince females that this type of training will help them look lean and fabulous without getting “bulky
Springtime is my favourite season of the year, but for many, it can be very unpleasant with their allergies going haywire
Spring cleaning time
Including your Nutrition and Digestive Organs! Spring Time is a good time to clean up the house and garden after a wet and cold winter.
No gym? No worries
Everybody travels.Whether it’s for business or pleasure at some point in our lives we all depart from the comfort of our personal routine to visit another location.
Can exercise help us sleep better?
As much research has shown, sleep is important for any number of reasons. For exercise, sleep is particularly important as it restores brain function and alertness in preparation for training sessions and it also helps in muscle recovery.
How to be in Mint Condition
How does activity differentiate to exercise and what are the differences? These are some of the questions that many seem to be getting confused about.
Make the gym part of who you are
Hit the switch for at least 21 days. When exercise becomes routine, it ceases being a choice and becomes something you just do (think work, eating, and sleeping)
The need for speed
There is no better exercise.Sprint training is by far the most effective way to transform your body in the least amount of time.
Technology in the fitness industry
Gadgets, I love them; I’m a guy and anything that has technology, spins my wheels.
It might seem a little premature to be talking about summer bodies in August but what we do or don’t do over the next two or three months will determine how we look come summer season. In other words, Beach bodies are built in the winter!
As a Clinical Nutritionist, I need to ask my clients about their bowel habits to give me valuable information about their health.
Strength training for youths
All right Mintie Mums and dads, Have you ever thought about getting your son or daughter into Strength Training?
When the abnormal becomes the normal
During my time in Clinical Practice – there is one thing that becomes more and more noticeable. People start ignoring the signs their body is telling them.
Active rest day
Researchers have found that seasonal changes affect your gene activity. A recent study found that up to a quarter of our DNA changes with the seasons.
Why we get sick in the winter
Researchers have found that seasonal changes affect your gene activity. A recent study found that up to a quarter of our DNA changes with the seasons.
How to grocery shop like a hunter-gatherer
Milo listened to Mints advice that ‘fresh is best’ when it comes to healthy eating so he decided to leave his Mighty Mix dinner behind and hunter gathered his own!
It’s time to focus on one aspect of your exercise routine that can really make a big difference in your results and how you feel.
Are you a swinger?
Kettlebell Swings. Not what you thought huh!
Strength after 40
For the last few years, I have been absolutely denying that as I age I can be as strong and as I was in my 30s in your results and how you feel.
Preparing your immune system for winter
Preparing your immune system before the onslaught of the winter bugs arrive, will make all the difference in keeping those colds and flus to a minimum
Winter cardio
It’s time to focus on one aspect of your exercise routine that can really make a big difference in your results and how you feel.
Pure and simple hydration
It’s time to focus on one aspect of your exercise routine that can really make a big difference in your results and how you feel.
Recipe: Fresh fig and ricotta muffins
Here's Di's favourite fig recipe of this month.
“It’s ok because muscle weighs more than fat…” – Myth debunked
Tired of being tired?
We all know what it is like to sleep poorly one night and struggle to function well the following day. If your sleep becomes disrupted on a regular basis, then normal daily function becomes a struggle.
Watt? It’s simple, it’s challenging and it’s inside for the winter!
The WattBike’s clear advantage is its simplicity. In these cold winter days
the skillmill
As the days are getting colder and darker its time to move training indoors and what better piece of equipment to keep your goals on track than the SKILL MILL.
How to tell when you’re (actually) hungry
We are overwhelmed with exposure to food –social media, TV, magazines – no wonder we are obsessed with eating!
Do you know your own body?
Do you know your own body?
Corrective exercise and blood pressure
Remember the last time you tried to pick something off the floor and felt a hot tension up the back of the legs?
4 ways your ‘gut’ can make you gain weight!
Is your gut working against you to keep those scales from moving in a downward direction?