Do you know your own body?

by Di McCauley & Jane Syme Mint’s Clinical Nutritionist’s

Your body is your business!  No one should know your body better than you do.  You are the gatekeeper and it’s your responsibility to protect & maintain your body & it’s physiology at a level of health that promotes your best life, preventing perhaps that left field health crisis you just didn’t see coming!

Do you know when your body’s signalling it needs help?  If you are aware that your feeling average, are you quick to hand power over to physicians in the belief they will fix you?  Then if the GP or specialist fails to provide a cure what next? A sense of frustration & helplessness perhaps with the conclusion you are just the victim of bad luck or bad genes?

 Listen to your ‘inner pilot light’ it’s on 24/7 and will help you make the right decision – if you have a ‘feeling’ that something is not quite right then make a pro-active step, find out what’s up from your health professional or consult the Mint Clinical Nutrition Clinic, then become the squeaky wheel until you have an answer.  Sign’s & symptoms are the body’s messaging system that it’s unhappy and needs some attention – they are often persistently present before ‘disease’ so take notice & take action rather than waiting for irreversible changes.

Some common signs & symptoms of dysfunction that many are quick to dismiss are; poor energy or significant tiredness, fluid retention, headaches/migraines, joint aching/pain/stiffness, inflammation, poor sleep, mood, depression, weight gain, allergies/intolerances……..the list goes on!

Did you know?? Mint’s Nutrition Clinic Specialises in Functional Testing?

Explain? Functional medicine testing is a very pro-active step to keeping you healthy and is the cornerstone of the ‘Functional Medicine approach’.  Functional medicine tests for underlying dysfunctions that can still be corrected.  These tests are facilitated via Mints Clinical Nutrition Clinic with the aid of Southern Community labs in NZ who take the blood sample which are then sent by international courier to specialist laboratories in Australia & USA.

Often information provided in these tests can show dysfunctions before physical changes occur which allows for optimising a treatment plan that is specific to you and achieves an outcome to treat or prevent many health conditions before they become significant.  One such test available through the Mint Clinical Nutrition Clinic proving to be very valuable  is the; “Cardio Vascular Health & Lipid Profile Test”

This test provides a picture of the total overall risk factor’s associated to CVD and is invaluable to reducing risk or understanding your lipid profile.

Current testing on lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides) will tell you total cholesterol, your total HDL (good cholesterol) your total LDL (bad cholesterol) and your ratio of the total to good cholesterol.

This is a good starting point, but we now know that it does not only come down to the amount of HDL and LDL that determines your risk, but what size these particles of cholesterol are.  They can come in varying sizes, small, intermediate, and large, as well as different ratio of triglycerides and cholesterol within these particles.

The translation of this is that if you have high LDL levels, you want them to be larger, more buoyant LDL particles, rather than small, dense LDL that has an increased susceptibility in entering damaged blood vessel walls.

This testing is called the sub-fractions of the HDL & LDL particles, and the results give us more information on how healthy our cholesterol is.

Another important factor is if the LDL is oxidised.  Oxidized LDL can produce inflammation in arteries that supply blood to your organs and other tissues, thus promoting atherosclerosis (build-up of plaque in the arteries) and increasing your risk of having a heart attack, TIA or stroke.

The testing we have can provide these readings, and all that is required is a blood test using the test kits from our Integrative Pathology Service provider (the lab!).

There is additional testing available to check other risk factors if required, such as inflammation, blood sugar irregularities, and if there is a genetic factor to your cardiovascular risk.

Contact the Mint Clinical Nutrition clinic online or 03 3389654 to book an appointment for this test inclusive of a full cardiovascular check.  It is a level of testing now available that will provide pro-active information on your cardiovascular risk and is an important health investment for anyone male or female – it’s a great start in getting to know your own body!

Lipid Profile Test $370 AUD (excl southern community laboratory bleed fee $70 NZD)