Corrective exercise and blood pressure

Remember the last time you tried to pick something off the floor and felt a hot tension up the back of the legs? That sensation is your over-active hamstring screaming for a stretch! The hamstring and quadricep groups are large, powerful muscles responsible for keeping our legs charging throughout the day.

Desk jobs, driving, and couch surfing are responsible for a lack of mobility in these muscle groups which in turn cause poor locomotion, balance, stability and strength. Recent studies have highlighted the adverse effect that poor muscle health have on blood pressure! The tighter and more over active these large muscle groups are, the greater they compress blood vessels and arteries, which leaves the poor heart having to work harder to pump the same volume of blood through a constricted pathway! Try going for a run while breathing through a single straw and you’ll begin to relate!

Next time you’re in the gym ask one of our highly qualified trainers to take you through tried and tested hamstring mobility work and give that heart of yours a break!