Active rest day

All right Minties what to do on rest days?

On our days off from our vigorous workouts and circuits there are many activities we can do as a more laid back approach to exercise by being kind to our body and giving it a gentle rest but still moving.

There are many fun activities that still keep you moving;

  • Go for a family bike ride
  • Yoga or Pilates
  • Swim
  • Go for a walk with your partner
  • Go rock climbing
  • Take a dance class
  • Play on a playground
  • Roll down a hill and run back up it
  • Stretch/Foam Roll

At mint we have a full range of equipment from foam rollers to power bands, a great way to slow things down with a 30 minute stretch to release all the tight and sore muscles.

So Minties grab the kids and dogs and hit the park or beach for some active family time and hopefully it might just tire the wee ones out so you can sleep in that little bit longer on the weekend.

Examples from a few Minties on how they keep active on days off

One of our members Tony Gibling enjoys a few games of table tennis down at the local club, as a way of getting a little more cardio in at a more relaxed pace and he goes pretty well for a 72yr old.

Tony’s lovely wife Anne Gibling hits their local dance club and spins out a few of her favourite dance moves. She is pretty sharp for a 22yr old.

Your Sweat Guru trainer Tony Peters likes to think he can go at 100% everyday but even he needs an active rest day although his activity involves chasing a very active 2yr old around so thats up there with one of his horrible circuits he makes you all do!