Mint Gym + Nutrition

An integrated approach to wellbeing

Our philosophy is built on making health and fitness accessible to everyone. Our Christchurch gym is a niche gym focused on personalised service by a team of ‘mad keen’ health professionals and a gym that is far from the crowds and intimidation that busier gyms attract. Our trusted team of health professionals ensure you are provided with the best, personalised fitness plan, plus a sustainable nutritional strategy that you can introduce into your lifestyle (there are no diets here!)


About Mint

With over 40 years of experience in the health and fitness industry Mike and Di recognised that people were looking for a place that was different to a regular gym, One that offered something different, was not intimidating & where MINT members are encouraged to aim towards a well-functioning body that is ready to use when it is required not some unattainable ideal of looks or build.

Where Mint members enjoy the benefits and support of a like-minded community of people working in a fun environment to achieve their lifestyle goals.

Our Mint Condition (functionally fit) approach means the skills you develop in both your fitness and nutrition sessions translate into your daily life and active interests and our belief is that age is no barrier! It’s your choice whether you utilise the vast experience of our trusted team on a regular basis or occasionally, whatever your decision you will always be supported.

– Mike and Di



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